Net Zero
Branding a sustainable future and helping to visualise an invisible movement.
“Harry's branding work for Net Zero has been both considered and imaginative. Many ideas and concepts have been explored to come up with a solution which is not only attractive but perfectly answers the brief.” 
Scott Wallace, Design Director, tomorrowisclosed
The lack of visual clarity surrounding net zero makes it challenging for eco-conscious consumers to identify brands that have achieved the net zero target, hindering their decision-making process and support for sustainable options.

A conceptual project aimed to create a standardised marque for net zero brands, providing visual clarity and consistency. The goal was to develop a symbol, akin to the recycling logo, that would be widely recognised and serve as a consistent indicator of net zero achievement in the marketplace.
The design of the dots is intentionally simplistic, representing the four primary greenhouse gases targeted for reduction by the net zero movement. Furthermore, this design is emblematic of the core values of the movement.

The branding is a part of a broader design system that can evolve and adapt, acting as a credible form of verification. When paired with longer-form content and established brands, it offers familiarity for eco-conscious consumers and others to recognise and trust that what they are buying or reading is net zero. 
Layout theory
The objective of achieving net zero is unchanging, yet the means of attaining it remain dynamic. A design that can adapt to these changing circumstances was crafted to therefore endure over time. 
The grid system design allows for customisation and adjustment, albeit with a level of restriction and minimalism that conveys a sense of urgency.​​​​​​​

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