Leominster Races
A rebrand of the Leominster 5K & 10K races that capture the thrill of the event and celebrate the expanding local running community.​​​​​​​
“It was great working with Harry, he really took the time to understand what it was we were trying to achieve and how he could bring it to life.”
Jonathan Edwards - Ready set go timing
The Leominster 5K and 10K race faced the challenge of appealing to runners in the local and wider running community in the area. Additionally, the race needed to overcome the area’s stigma and create a more inviting atmosphere.

To ensure the survival of the Leominster races, a rebrand was necessary. The goal was to create an identity that would be modern, expressive, and distinct from the previous brand and local competitors, making it an appealing option to a wide range of participants.

The new identity will be rolled out next year to spark excitement and give Leominster an event to be proud of.
Inspire, motivate and achieve
In this identity, the tone of voice is dynamic, motivational, and aspirational. It embodies the spirit of embracing challenges and setting ambitious goals to push oneself to achieve personal bests.
Through captivating visuals and compelling narratives, the brand can connect with individuals of all abilities, remaining inclusive. Spotlighting local Leominster runners and telling their stories is integral to the social campaign, driving engagement.

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