Evie Mae Jewellery
A rebrand that draws inspiration from the sea and rich folklore of Cornwall.
"Harry was incredibly helpful and enthusiastic. He truly took the time to understand the personality of my future brand/business and what I wanted to express and evoke through it!"
Evie Mae
Evie Mae’s jewellery practice needed to establish her identity as a skilled artisan and advocate for sustainability in Cornwall. Inspired by local folklore and the magic of the area, she aimed to differentiate herself from other handmade brands in the region.

Drawing inspiration from Cornwall’s folklore, the branding concept positioned Evie Mae as a sustainable alternative. The resulting brand identity reflected her friendly and approachable personality, making her practice stand out.

This identity will be rolled out next year, showcasing the true spirit of Evie Mae and her dedication to her craft.
The Magic of Cornwall
In this identity, the tone of voice is a harmonious blend of artistic expression, folklore inspiration, and sustainability.
By using elements that evoke the magic and allure of the region, the brand captures the essence of what inspires her practice.

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