British Heart Foundation
Exploring how charities can boost engagement with through social media 

There is a lack of awareness surrounding atrial fibrillation among runners and the Gen X demographic, and the British Heart Foundation currently has an ineffective social media presence. This poses a significant challenge for the brand to deliver engaging and meaningful content on this platform.

To address this issue, a proposed solution is to create a series of Instagram Reels that delve into the personal and authentic stories of individuals living with atrial fibrillation, whilst also promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Real People, with Real Conditions...on Instagram Reels.
Meet Chris, a runner and friend who lives with Atrial Fibrillation. I was told about the condition, but I knew nothing about it and was shocked by how many runners live with it. This motivated me to share Chris's story, filming and taking photos for digital content on Instagram. Showcasing relatable and authentic stories was integral to the video's success, gathering 600+ views on Instagram.

Designing an engaging template in line with the British Heart Foundation's brand would allow the charity to create content faster, while also providing much-needed consistency and brand familiarity.

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