A hidden gem of oriental inspired street food in the heart of Hereford.

Baotothebroth is a vibrant restaurant, tucked away in the market hall, that delights customers with delicious and authentic cuisine. However without a cohesive brand identity and the possibility of expanding, a brand identity was needed.

To address this problem, a new brand identity was crafted for the restaurant. Inspired by the owner’s love of manga and the establishment’s shift towards upmarket street food, a fun and vibrant identity was developed. The goal was to create a visual representation that would capture the essence of the restaurant’s delicious and authentic cuisine, while also reflecting its unique positioning in the market.
The Cheek of It!
In this rebrand, the essence of high quality street food was elevated to new heights, infusing it with a touch of wit and charm to appeal to a younger target audience who love exploring new flavours and stepping out of their culinary comfort zones.

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